Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cafe Review: High Frequency (HF), a New Wave of Coffee Culture


Well, first time visiting this cafe in Brunei. This place is getting it’s wave in for sure in Brunei. Here’s my review over the coffee here, i have not personally tried other foods in this cafe other than their H.F Pan Bun, with asiana and mozzarella flavouring.
Ordered cappuccino, my favourite coffee as of now. Um…sad to say…it’s not coordinated well enough to make it a good coffee. To tell the truth, coffee drinking really depends on each individual. I like my coffee to be 50-50 or 60-40 in the ration of milk over coffee.
Coffee in HF is said to be from Wellington, New Zealand, who have the greatest coffee scenes in the world. However, the cappuccino in HF taste more towards the bitter taste of their brew rather than the perfect mixture (to me personally) of milk and coffee. Thus, covering up the fragrance of coffee upon first drink, as the bitter taste will catch your attention more than the fragrance itself. If you prefer your coffee to have a more sour-ish and bitter taste, then this is the place for your! I have to complement on it’s coffee art though, as compared to the standards in Malaysia, i would say the barista did a fine job here, which surprised me in fact!!
It’s a simple coffee art of love but finely crafted to say the least.
Seeeee~~~ i got a cute teddy bear!!! How nice of the barista, sure do have some privileges when you visit late a.k.a closing time ><

As for the menu, there are plenty of choice for you to choose, ranging from dinner, all day breakfast, sandwiches to sides. So you wouldn’t be lacking of choices here. As mentioned earlier we ordered H.F Pan Bun. My god!! It’s a big portion though, with plenty of cheese for cheese lovers. Not overly cheezy but the cheese portion is just right. Their bun is fluffy and filling too. To me it’s garlic bread but in the form and taste of bun. Interesting as i have not tried garlic bun as yet. The top of the bun is baked with cheese too, making it crispy once bitten. I believe you will like the crunchy cheezy texture of it. But this is recommended for 3 pax, i’m not too sure of the appetite of the people here, but for me it definitely is a big portion! But isn’t sharing is caring?? LOL!! so please share and try more of the varieties here.
My friend on the other hand, had this Peach Moji Berries Tea. Wowww….it sure smells nice!!! It’s quite a thing to have if you feel like having something sweet yet not sweet…*i know it sounds weird* as sugar can be added freely by yourself to your own sweetness level. =D It’s nice!!
I also have a try on it’s HF breakfast (set for 2) but found that it’s a little too oily for my taste, it’s very filling but as for the taste it’s so i would say. I had also given their mentaiko fries, wow the portion is huge! We and my other two friends could not even finish it up, so if you’re bored of the normal fries or cheezy fries, have a go for it’s mentaiko fries.
To my surprise, the tiramisu in HP is super duper awesome!!! It’s on the best tiramisu I have had in Brunei. I tried the tiramisu in PicolloIMG_1602, Grazi Mauri but HF is still the best to say the least! I would say it’s the best! It’s not too sweet, as I don’t have a sweet tooth and the smell of espresso mixed in was just so superb! You should definitely give their tiramisu a try if you give here a visit, i bet it’s worth it! *wink wink
The other thing that surprised me was the service provided, I could say we are the last customers to be in HP on a Saturday night, while we were packing to go home, the sky just have to rain typhoon on us…=_=llllll The extremely kind waiter offered to show us to our car in his umbrella, it was soooo kind of him!! Felt so grateful~~ Thank you to whoever it was, as I didn’t manage to get his name. LOL!! And thus, my review on some of the recommended cafe in Brunei.

Ambiance: 6/10 (it isn’t a good place to take photos as sunlight screening through is way to bright while the interior is dim, thus classes together)
Food: Not gonna rate it this time as yet as i haven’t tried any real food. LOL!
Coffee: 4/10 Improvements is surely needed here for the price paid, i would expect a better coffee served
Price: 5/10 reasonable i guess for a cafe though it’s pricy for the other foods available in Brunei.
Address: 1st Floor, Unit 5, Blk B Sempurna Complex, Brunei, Brunei
Tel: +6732428262
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday @ 8am to 10pm

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mituo Vegetarian Restaurant @ Seri

‘Are you a vegetarian or someone looking for meat-free food in Brunei? Well, Mituo Vegetarian Restaurant is just the place that you will be looking forward to on your first and forth-coming visits. Mituo Vegetarian Restaurant is the longest surviving vegetarian restaurant in Brunei i would stay, with history running for more than 10 years.


I have personally been visiting this restaurant for more than 5 years myself and am still not bored with it’s mouth-watering food that they served. Most of all, I loved the concept of the restaurant. It is a non-profit restaurant who’s main aim is encouraging people to dive into meat-free food. Mituo Restaurant is not an organic restaurant, they still sell meat-free fried foods.  This restaurant is set up by a group of committee, aiming at encouraging people to savour various meat-free products ( as we ourselves have heard of weird stories of chicken meat or meatball (made from portion of horse meat) leading to unhealthy eating by most consumer).

Mituo Restaurant sell Economy Rice from everday for lunch at the price of B$3 for three kind of dishes (in the case where you are a big eater, no worries, as you can ask for additional rice at no cost at all). What I personally like about their economy rice is that, the portion is BIG (as compared to other stalls selling economy rice), for dine in customers there are free flow of soup too, all at the cost of only B$3, where to get such good bargain for filling up your tummy? =D












They do have ‘Today’s Special’ Menu too, serving Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, Bak Kut Teh, Hakka Lou Shu Fan, Kuching Laksa, Dim Sum, etc seven days a week. So if you do not know what to eat and would like to be surprised, please do give this restaurant a visit when you feel like being a vegetarian for a few hours. LOL!! >.<


So…after so many years, is the menu still the same or…there are revolution in this restaurant too? Well…they CERTAINTLY do, as they are serving Vegetarian Dim Sum!! My favourite in this restaurant is 1) Dim Sum 2) Kolo Mee/ Kole Mee Pok @ B$2.00 (which ever I feel like eating on that day hehehe ><’’’) 3) Chai Ping a.k.a Cucur Sayur (B$0.60)

Now, let me make an introduction to their aweseomeee vegetarian dim sum, for a vegetarian like myself, having a vegetarian dim sum is like going up to heaven from hell (nah..just exaggerating..LOL!) Mituo only sells Dim Sum on every Sunday (except if it falls on the 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar, then it’s too bad, please come the next week) What’s most awesome is that…assorted dim sum is selling for only B$2.00 per plate!! Where do you except to find such good bargain?? Here of course!!



(From furthest left to right)

- Stem fried beancurd filled with mengkuang (don’t know what’s it’s called in english) and mushroom, this is just so a MUST MUST try!!! Everytime I go there I just have to eat it up!! But…an advance advice…don’t go too late, as it sell fast!

- Siew Mai (vegetarian of course), this taste gooooddd tooo!!! Please just go try and have a taste for yourself

- Seafood tofu for tofu freak…like me!

- Porridge which is selling only for B$1.20 per bowl, enough to fill you up if you’re feeling up for something light in the morning.

- Everyone’s favourite Chee Cheong Fan


 20150125_110510 20150118_104251   20150118_104213  20150118_104235

- Fried wan tan (eaten with their homemade chilli…just the perfect matching couple)

- Bom filled with peanut or green bean (decided by the pastry maker at different day) and Wu Kok (Yam pastry). I have to say before I became a vegetarian myself, I’m a big fan of wu kok (filled with meat, yam and green pea) but I’m so depressed that I couldn’t eat this after I decided to become a vegetarian years ago…but finally my depression was uplifted by the creating if this superb vegetarian wu kok!! Life’s great!! While it’s eaten hot from the oven, damn…you could literally fly eating it~~

- Fried popiah for fried food lovers~



- Chai Kueh (served daily at B$1.20), I love the filling of mengkuang in this chai kueh~ pepper taste was just so right!

- Kelupis filled with vegetarian sambal shrimp


Thus, being a vegetarian myself, I feel the need to blog about this vegetarian restaurant to promote it’s good tasting food, good service and most importantly to tell people being a vegetarian it not that boring after all, with just vegetables in our life =D

Do find out more on other food served in Mituo Vegetarian Restaurant in my future post, as I believe i’m still gonna blog on their awesome food again! Hehehe~ Cheers everyone ^^v



Address: Seri Complex, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei (Next to a photoshop or the building opposite Sui Heng Restaurant)
Tel: 2222821
Operating hours: Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday @ 7am-9pm
                           Friday 7am-12pm, 2pm-9pm.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Brunei~~ I am Back!!

Hey yo there,

It’s been 4,5 or was it 6 years since i am going back to Brunei for more than 3 months?

It’s been a long long way from Malaysia and yea…Malaysia did really taught me a lot, not just about lifestyle and culture but also about COFFEE!! LOL!!

This time back, i’m going to do some review of the coffee, cafe, restaurant that i will be going around in my stay in Brunei.

Let me say this first, my post and comments is entirely of my own personal opinion, but…it’s logical right? As different people have different taste bud, feel free to explore on your own even after my blogging here.

So do stay tuned for what’s coming up next on my blog.

It’s really been years since i last updated my blog with my life in kl, so can you just imagine how busy i was in the past to not even have the time to blog about anything? other than my feelings? Mehhh….

So so well now, i personally am looking forward to what i’m going to blog about though. Some post might be a throwback post but still it’s something that happened in my life before and i am SOOO gonna blog about it!!



Wednesday, April 17, 2013


这十二月回到姑婆家,想念着地方,同时也觉得有点太轻松。。。不一样的是,这次回来感处多多 (>.<) 这也应为姑婆们老了,行动很不方便,很辛苦,很痛苦。这让我想到年老时,爸妈或我也会那样吗?哈哈哈哈可是没关系啦,很多事情都不与我们来决定~ =D

应该说,陈现在还年轻应该多注意身体的健康和可以陪伴家人的时间。 时间是不会等人的,岁月更不会停留。前几天和我的表妹聊天聊到六点早上,原来同样年级人的想法的确有个共同点,说着说着才发现我们有好十年没那么聊天了。。时间还过得真快啊~ 虽然样子变了但我们还有以前到现在的共同点,真让人开心 =D

人长大了,责任多,负担也更多。 小时候脑里很天真,长大后脑袋被污染了,试想也没那么单纯了。无论如何, 对和错也该会分,做的事只要对得起自己心里最重要。

我的道理,有些事不需要交待,只需要原因。 虽然听起来有点不孝顺但,在我的想法里,很多事情是由我来决定,爸妈也不会董。让他们知道原因,不用让他们烦恼,我的决定由我来负责他们做的已经够多了。 我不能说我所说的道理是正确的,但这是我目前的想法。 或许明天,明年我的想法又会再次改变,谁知道啊?哈哈哈哈哈哈

人只要,吃得好,睡得好就够了。 当然啦,也需要个能沟通,信任,依赖,依靠和爱的人在他们身边。有了这三样,生活就70%圆满了!

突然想用话语来blog所以就写了些有的没的 o(>O<)oo

~~~    ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~    ~~~

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Road Trip Part 2 (Tour around Melaka)

The next part of the trip was touring around Melaka with Chia Yi, who’s my roommate, housemate, course mate and of course my sista!!!! First of all, would like to thank her Mom, without her mom my journey in Melaka wouldn’t be so smooth!!! Kam Sia a lot lot auntie!!


There’s not much food picture that I took this time, as most of the food I had eaten and taken picture of them before, thus I ignored it >< Anyway, this is the famous Taiwan PorkChop Noodle in Melaka~ Not bad I would say, as the noodle tasted different from the ones we have in Malaysia, it looks like Kolomee Pok though from the picture above.


Somewhere in Jonker Walk, it was drizzling that day, but not to the extend that we couldn’t tour around~ First time in Melaka with people other than my friends, something different~


The main point about this picture is not me!! Look at how YENG my Gu Po post is!!!!! Hahahahahahahahha she really have the talent to have her picure taken!! LOL!!! and..ignore me..I have no idea what I was doing (>.@)


Finally I picure with my friend, Chia yi!! So nice to see her again after 1 month? Hahahahhaha still as skinny as ever her! Miss ketam-ing (literally means crapping >.<v) with her!! LOL!!

Stayed in Melaka for a day and then headed toward Muar, didn’t get to eat anything there as we are too full to swallow another solid food, thus continued our journey to Kluang~

That is also where we meet up with my cousin.

Had afternoon tea upon arriving! Oh man!! The food is nice, the thingie that looks like donut was made of tapioca, goshh so nice!! Goes so well with the icing sugar coating it, now I’m already missing it >< and the food that looks like karipop was also made from tapioca but with mushroom and meng kuang fillings~


Lastly, vegetable pao and black coffee~~ wow!! heaven after so long a drive!



LOL!!! This is how they pluk rambutans from the tree!! Amazing!!! Fast and efficient!!



That’s my two cousings up above getting the rambutans for us =)


My first taste of durian after in the year of 2012!!! =’D


Life’s peaceful in this area!! Love the change after KL!!!


It’s raining, I can hear the sound of rain falling on the rooftop! What a nice time to sleep!

After that it’s dinner time!! Yea we ate and talked. Cousins asked me some weird questions though, but hahahahaha I know I get it =D


This is them~….ok…I think it’s a little tooo formal~ time to change something!


TADAAA~~~!!! this looks more like it!!! It’s what I call a picture! Hohohohohoho!!!


They are another cousin of mine…was it cousin?? @@’’ ok..I’m not sure’s something like that I believe so!


It’s almost 2am in the morning when I took this picture~ can fell asleep instantly >< but need to take a picture for memories!!


This is one little naughty cousin but glad to be able to get along with him!! Cute in a way this boy! hahahahaha playing with children is fun!!! at the same’s tiring >O< more fun than tiring!!!


I drink coconut water as if I’m drinking plain water there!! Now this is what I call life!!! Pandan coconut I believe it’s called, sweet smelling and delicious~~!! Morever, FRESH!! Can’t drink as much as I want and as I like in KL =(


A view of the city in Kluang~


Dim Sum breakfast in Kluang! See how greedy looking my cousin is!! LOL!! Guess he’s gonna kill me for this! =P20121212_100525

Biggest Temple in Kluang


After our short visit there, we continue our journey back to Melaka to get some stuff and on our way to KL, where we are meeting another aunt and cousin there~ Gosh!! But this is interesting!!

So stay tunned~~!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Road Trip Part 1 (from KL–Melaka: attend wedding dinner)

So… it’s fine time for me to start blogging after almost 2 years? Really abandoned it >.< Thus, I’ll start from what I did after my exam in December~

Wow!! Me and parents went for a road trip around Malaysia since we got a car to drive around this year. We started out from KL to Melaka, from Melaka to Muar and to Kluang, later on all the way up till Penang. My very poor car have some scratched here and there =’(( =_= *_*


The day before going down to Melaka, went to Sunway Pyramid to buy a wedding gift for my wedding cousin~ hope she likes it >.<


My breakfast before meting up with my parents and on our way down to Melaka =D nice mantao and kaya bun! Definitely gonna buy from the uncle again in SS15


My Gu Po, Grandma, mom and dad~ Hm..I can say it’s my first time seeing her…from my memories that is. Hahahahaha still doing healthy and strong, which is a good thing =)


Also, this is the very first time meeting all my cousins~ some from Perak, some from JB, some from Singapore O.O I am literally confused!!! at first that is~ LOL!! There are like more than 6 aunts and you can guess how many children will there be for me to absorb all at once o(>.<)o

20121209_193450    20121209_193505

Left: Cousin from Singapore and me ^^v
Right: Me and 2nd aunt and Jiu Mu =D

20121209_195858 20121209_193813

Left: Grandpa, Grandma, 1st Aunt and her husband
Right: Everyone *lazy to type one by one #_#*

All of these were taken before the wedding dinner ceremony begin~ so yea~ ample time to take pictures and talk and talk and talk


Finally, it’s time for the Bride and Groom to enter so we can being eating! LOL!! and of course, see them =DD Forgot to add, my cousin looks beautiful that day =D


First food to be served~ Mostly Dim Sum, must be though as I can’t eat so can’t really comment on it. Overall, food served was good must cost a bunch but glad everyone did enjoy eating! hahahahaha

20121209_203225  20121209_203312

~~~    ~~~    ~~~     ~~~     ~~~


                      Red heart ~~The Bride and The Groom~~Red heart

20121209_210354   20121209_211043

Cake Cutting Ceremony and Yam Seng Ceremony (actually…what is yam seng known as in English? @@)


My Mom and her sisters~ some really really looks the same O.O


One big Family~ Is this the first that my mom got? Well..I practically thinks so >.<


My cousin and her husband came over to our table to have a drink with us >< don’t remember how long we shouted! @@


That day was my first time meeting all the cousins, glad to see them after so many years of not knowing their existence >< fun peeps!! ^_^

Was thinking that I could have a good rest after my exam, who know continuously for a week I slept less than 5 hours a day, am glad I’m still surviving #_# but among all, it’s still fun!!

Hope to see these peeps again soon~~ ^_^v